New Jersey Fights to Stop Kavanaugh


Many of us watched the forced confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh and asking; How? How can a nominee credibly accused of sexual assault sit on the highest court of the land?  How can Senators look at a sham investigation and call it thorough and conclusive? How can we accept a man who repeatedly misrepresented the truth, expressed a deep political bias and lacks even a semblance of decorum decide the fate of millions of Americans for generations to come?


Currently, the 115th Congress is split 51 to 49. Several toss up seats can further tip the scales in our favor, and one loss can spell disaster for New Jersey and the nation.  They may be able to force our nation to seat an unfit judge onto the highest court of the land, but we can reclaim our power at the ballot box!

November 6th can spell the beginning of the end for Trump and his Congressional enablers.  

Take Action and join a volunteer canvass that can help #FlipTheHouse and #SaveTheSenate.



NJ Activists in DC.jpg


Thousands of activists descended upon Washington D.C., to stand in solidarity with survivors and denounce Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.

Thanks to activists like YOU, in under 36 hours, New Jersey Working Families Alliance mobilized its partners to send three busloads of activists to Washington D.C., in our effort to #CancelKavanaugh.

BIG thanks as well to AFT, ATU, CWA NJ, CWA locals 1037, 1038, 1081, HPAE